My friends say I’m a couch potato. I say: Dare me! But I do need a little motivation… :)

I selected a bike. The beauty’s name is MIRA and of course she’s purple.



Photo: Stevens Vertrieb GmbH

Here’s the deal

If I can raise enough funds by the end of May, I will go the „extra mile“ for you and bike at least 1,001 miles for you (and me and the good cause) until the end of the year.

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Why a fundraiser?

People often ask me, why I do so much for my network, be it the DVÜD e.V. or other organizations. Well, I’m a networker by heart, at least that’s what friends say. I love to contribute and it comes from the heart. Often, the same people ask me what I ask for in return, and my answer is always: Nothing!

But, if you feel that you want to give back, to me and my huge heart (cardio and so on), donate! Every cent that goes beyond the amount of 805 Euro goes to a good cause. My heart goes out to children with mental disabilities. Therefore, every cent that exceeds the price of the bike will go to the German organization Lebenshilfe e.V.

The rules

By May 31st, 2015, I want to collect 805 Euro in donations. Then I will take on the challenge of riding 1,001 miles on my new bike by the end of the year.

What if I don’t raise enough funds by May 31st, 2015?

In that case, all donations made will go to Lebenshilfe e.V.

What if the amount donated by Mai 31st, 2015 is more than 805 Euro?

Every cent that exceeds the amount of 805 Euro goes to Lebenshilfe e.V.

Can donations be made after May 31st, 2015?

Yep! The first part of the fundraise will take place until May 31st, 2015. If I receive enough donations and reach the 805 Euro mark to buy the bike, I will start the 1,001 miles challenge. Any amount donated after this date will go straight to Lebenshilfe e.V. on December 31st, 2015.

What is in it for the contributors?

Ohhhh, a lot: Tanya will stay fit and can continue contributing to her network. Plus, I will be writing about the contributors, here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter and XING. And of course, the contributors will enjoy the good vibes of having supported a good cause.

What if Tanya does not make the 1,001 miles by the end of the year?

In that case, I will donate another 805 Euros from my pocket.

 Donate now via PayPal!

All questions answered? If not, please go to the comments and let me know what you need to know. In all other cases: Share, donate, spread the word!

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Disclaimer: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Stevens. I just love the bike. :)